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Why there has been created such Website?

In Latvia and, as appears, elsewhere as well the identification and systematisation of nature and cultural monuments - landmarks - only partly has been based on academic research and thus it has no firm ground. This serves as one of the reasons for irrational and - unfortunately - inefficient management of nature and cultural monuments in Latvia and elsewhere. In other words: too often we have been unable to protect beauty and values because we haven't put enough effort to understand what is beauty and value. Website tells about a quest for such beauty and values.

In it's build-up and philosophy the Website is an account of thoughts and works of one author, it does not create a "social network" - here you see just an extended, informative personal Website. For such an interesting and exciting issue I did not want to use the somewhat boring, slimy design of so called Web 2.0 style, for inspiration there were used somewhat older examples of design.

Wish me a luck - there is a huge lot to tell and to show! There are no doubts that you will meet some mistakes and omissions - please, give a message if you happen to notice one!

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