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In this interactive map there have been marked all landmarks of Latvia reviewed in this Website. In order not to clutter this map the less notable (but for most times - no less interesting) monuments are seen in more detailed scale - when the map is zoomed in. In total monuments are divided in 9 levels - most notable ones are seen on general map including whole Latvia, but least notable (f.e. monument is long since gone and has left no traces) - only when the map is zoomed 9 times.

Description of each separate monument is available when clicked on symbol.



1 - international importance;
6 - local importance;
2 - national importance;
7 - subsidiary importance next to exceptional monument;
3 - regional importance;
8 - value to great extent has been lost;
4 - provincial importance;
9 - perished monument;
5 - neighborhood importance;


ⓒ 2009 Gatis Pavils

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