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Through this chapter there is available information about Latvian landmarks - the part of our common heritage which has got a certain location (see expanded review of landmark definition here).


Access to information about landmarks

Information in this website is accessible in different turns and the landmarks are grouped in the following ways:

Access to landmark descriptions:


Kinds of landmarks

In this website Latvian landmarks are sorted in the following way:

Type: Nature landmarks

Class: Geological landmarks
NameRemarksHow many described?
Caves  0
Outcrops and cliffs  1
Boulders Includes stones with cultural and historical value0
Springs  0
Waterfalls Includes rapids and icefalls0
Other geological and geomorphological landmarks  1


Class: Biological landmarks
NameRemarksHow many described?
Finds of rare animals  0
Finds of rare plants  0
Parks and gardens  1
Trees Includes trees with cultural and historical value0
Unusual biotopes  0

Type: Cultural landmarks

NameRemarksHow many described?
Sites of legends  0


Melkitari stone

Melkitari stone

Class: Archaeological landmarks
NameRemarksHow many described?
Fortifications Except for hillforts and medieval castles, but including the fortifications of younger times0
Ancient burials Prehistoric and medieval burials1
Medieval castles Castles and locations of castles built until the end of 16th century19
Medieval churches Churches and locations of churches built until the end of 16th century0
Petroglyph locations  0
Ancient settlements Prehistoric and medieval settlements0
Stray finds Locations of ancient, valuable artefacts0
Underground passages Passages leading outside the borders of cosntructions and passages in bedrock0
Worship sites Sites linked to former religions and traditions0
Other archaeological landmarks  0


Class: Architecture landmarks
NameRemarksHow many described?
Cemetery architecture landmarks  1
Churches Includes all shrines of present-day religions0
Farmstead constructions Buildings built outside towns and manor centres before 19000
Historical taverns  0
Manor centre buildings Does not include palaces2
Monuments Outside cemeteries and buildings1
Monuments of urban development Impressive complexes of buildings, also outside towns0
Palaces and manor houses Built before the First World War, includes locations of former palaces176 + 19 medieval castles
Pastorates Includes also valuable subsidiary buildings of pastorates5
School buildings  0
Urban apartment houses Apartment buildings built inside towns and cities6
Other landmarks of architecture  0


Subclass: Industrial and technical landmarks
NameRemarksHow many described?
Bridges Includes also flyovers0
Industrial buildings  0
Mills Includes also visually impressive present day energy production constructions0
Railway constructions  0
Water supply management constructions  0


View from Vasargeliski tower

View from Vasargeliski tower

Class: Landscape monuments
NameRemarksHow many described?
Observation points  0
Linear landscape monuments  0
Vision slits  0

Other landmarks

NameRemarksHow many described?
Museums  0


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