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This category of articles includes subjective lists of "best" landmarks.

10 endangered manor houses of Riga


Major part of historical manor houses in Riga is endangered by demolition, abandonment and insufficient knowledge. List includes 10 manor houses which are on the way to perish or are very endangered.


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10 beautiful manor houses of Riga


In the present-day area of Riga city there survive some 42 - 44 historical manor houses of Riga houseowners and nobleman. Here are examined 10 especially interesting existing manor house buildings.


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12 most interesting medieval castles of Latvia


The most interesting medieval castles of Latvia would be very interesting for tourist from any country. Destinies of numerous inhabitants throughout centuries have turned the castles into real Monuments of History.

The list includes 12 out of 138-140 medieval castles of Latvia, selecting those which have got outstanding history and impressive appearance.


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