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Coordinates: 57°02'12,89'' N 24°03'09,01'' E Google Maps
No:42        (list of all monuments)
Category:Palaces and manor houses
Address:Riga, Bolderaja, near Bullupe, in Lielupe Street 22
Versions of name:house of the harbour-master, Berghof, Ahaken, Bolderaa
Condition:Does not exist, recently burned down


Manor of Bolderaja has been mentioned in written sources since 16th century. In 19th century on the properties of this manor there started to form Bolderaja - inhabited place, now part of Riga.

The first mentioned owner of Bolderaja manor is proconsul Casparo Berg, during his time the manor was called - Berghof. There is also deed about the sale of this manor from 1637 - Hericum von Hahnsells it to Bartholomäo Hoynigen von Huene. Throughout the time the name of the manor changed. In 18th century it belonged to Hermann Dahl and Friedrich Dahl. In 19th century the manor belonged to the family of Schroeder (Johann George Schroeder, Anton Friedrich von Schroeder) - they inherited it through marriage from Dahls. At the second half of 19th century owners were Buxhevedens, in 1889 their tenant Johann Univer started to manage the manor. Times changed and at the end of 19th century more and more power in Bolderaja belonged to local municipality and the influence of manor decreased.

In 1920ies there was arranged a school in the manor house.

Manor house was there up to the 21st century. Unfortunately it burned down recently and there stands empty place in its site.



House of Bolderaja pilot in the map from 1780

House of Bolderaja pilot - manor in the fragment of Daugavgriva map, J.C.Brotze. 1780.


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