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Coordinates: 56°43'50,0'' N 23°01'16,4'' E Google Maps
No:6        (full list of landmarks)
Category:Medieval castles, Palaces and manor houses
Address:Tukums district), Jaunpils region, Jaunpils municipality, centre of Jaunpils, south-eastern bank of Jaunpils mill pond, some 100 metres west from the Lutheran church
Year of construction:Most likely - second half of 14th century
Architectural style:Some details in Mannerism style (f.e. weather wanes from rebuilding of 1646)
Values:Architecture, archaeology
Conservation status:Archaeology monument of state importance No.2294, architecture monument of state importance No.6810.


Jaunpils castle from the west

Jaunpils medieval castle - view from the west across the millpond

Livonian order most likely built Jaunpils castle in the other half of 14th century to defend southern borders. Castle has been rebuilt in medieval times, in 17th century and at most in 20th century. In spite of this numerous medieval details and outer looks have been preserved up to this day.

40,5x29,6 metres large castle consists of four blocks enclosing an inner yard. In the southern corner there stands rounded tower built in 15th century.


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