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Stupeli boulder in Rite

Large boulder with cultural historical value at the foot of Stupeli hillfort, Rite municipality in Jekabpils district.

Characteristic geological landmarks for Latvia are large boulders - glacial erratics which once have been separated from the bedrock in the area of contemporary Sweden, Finland, Karelia by glacier and delivered here. In this long way they have been rounded to greater or lesser extent. Sometimes these boulders reach enormous size and thus testify the enormous force of glacier. In Lithuania and especially in Estonia there are larger glacial erratics than in Latvia but there still exists a possibility that during some earthworks there will be found enormous boulder.

As landmarks in Latvia there could be declared those boulders whose volume exceeds 10 m3 or whose length exceeds 4 metres or height - 2 metres. Such boulders are interesting elements of landscape and often are archaeology and history landmarks - they were noticed in older times and used for manifold religious and health cult rituals, also used as border marks. Often there were hewn cupmarks, crosses and other signs in the surface of those stones. Category does not include those boulders which have split off the cliff and are located at the foot of this cliff - such landmarks are mentioned at the description of respective outcrop or cliff.

Major part of large boulders in Latvia consist of granite of different varieties but some have other composition. We can hope that in future there will be performed a more detailed work by geologists in determining the rock composition of large boulders - those stones which have uncommon composition, f.e. monzonites should have lover requirements regarding size. Boulders of unusual form and boulders with glacier striation marks are landmarks as well.

Category includes also all those stones which have got historical and archaeological importance. Such landmarks are varied - here should be included all stones with ancient marks - such as cupmarks, larger hollows, crosses, other signs, boulders with cultural layer around them. Category includes those stones which have served as ancient border marks, stones with legends and tales about them, stones with specific names. Part of these landmarks fit in other categories as well - such stones can be worship sites, cemetery architecture landmarks, monuments.

Outstanding stones in Latvia

Nicgale Boulder - the largest in Latvia

Nicgale Boulder - the largest in Latvia.

Researchers are busy studying both enormous glacial eratics and cultural historical stones in Latvia since long time - but interesting finds continue up to this day. While evaluating and selecting the list of the most outstanding stones in Latvia author tried to take into account the size and location of boulders, their landscape value as well as legends about them and the signs hewn in surface of stones. There are no doubts that other author would make list with other stones - but there are no doubts also that stones listed here are outstanding:

Large erratics
Other unusual stones
The Big Lauci Sea Boulder

The Big Lauci Sea Boulder before the storm


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